How to have a successful wedding reception:

1.  Decide what traditions and formalities you want, (garter toss, dollar dance, etc) and plan out the order of these events in advance with your DJ. 

2.  Seat the older guests farthest from the music and the younger ones closer to the music.   

3.  If you do the "dollar dance", do it early.  The dollar dance is a convenient time for guests to sneak out while the bride and groom are busy.

4.  Darker lighting encourages dancing.  Your DJ should have high quality lights to create the proper mood for dancers. Make sure you have some control over the house lights so you can turn those down as well.

5.  Don't have the bride and groom hang around by the exits.  This has a psychological effect of encouraging people to leave.  Guests follow the bride and groom... don't lead them to the exit.

6.  Enlist your wedding party to help encourage dancing by getting up on the floor early.  Ask them not to leave early or hang around outside the event or in the hallways.

7.  Try not to plan out too much of the music for the evening.  Make sure the DJ knows what songs you have to hear and the ones you don't want to hear. 

8.  Don't ban popular songs just because you don't like them. Even though you may not like certain songs like "Y.M.C.A." and the "Macarena," a lot of your guests DO ...and are actually looking forward to these "audience participation" songs. 

Remember, one of the DJ's main jobs is to read the crowd and play songs that the crowd wants to hear.  This is not the time to impress your friends and guests with your eclectic musical taste.  People want to celebrate your day; don't chase them away!

Frequently asked questions...

  • How far in advance should I book a wedding or party?  Book your event as soon as you possibly can.  Make sure you get your reception location booked as soon as possible as they fill up fast.  Book your disc jockey soon after reserving your location.  A small deposit will hold the date.  You don't have to pay the remaining amount until the date of your event.  You can also pay by credit card or PayPal.

  • Can I book your DJ services at the last second?  Yes!  Not every date gets full, and sometimes there are cancellations.  If you have a last second wedding or party, please call.  If we have the date open, we'll do it, even if it's the same day!  Our equipment and music is packed, tested, and ready to go at all times.

  • Can you help plan out my wedding reception?  Sure!  In fact, that's part of the job of a good DJ. We have a questionnaire that you fill out after booking.  It includes planning for wedding party introductions, cake cutting ceremonies, garter toss or auction, first dances, toasts, dinner music, etc. You can also list the songs you must hear, and you can list ones you don't want to hear.  About 1-2 weeks before your wedding or party, we'll touch base again to go over it, double checking the wedding party names and exactly how you would like your reception or party to go. 

  • Do you really have 20,000 songs? Yes!  However, even with 20,000 songs, it's still possible to be missing a song or two.  That's why if you have some songs that must be played at your wedding or party, please let us know in advance, so we'll have it.

  • Can we use your wireless microphone for toasts? Yes.

  • Can you provide music for the actual wedding and the reception?  Yes.

  • I've been to weddings where the DJ played the music way too loud and insisted on playing mostly hip-hop.  It's important that the DJ constantly monitor the volume of the music throughout the night.  Often, an inexperienced DJ will play songs that he likes personally.  A good DJ is not there to entertain himself.  It's the DJ's job to play music that the majority of the crowd wants to hear.

  • I've been to weddings where the DJ, talked too much, and tried to be funny.   A good DJ knows when to talk and when to simply play music.  A common fault of many mobile (and radio!) disc jockeys is to "over deejay."

  • How far away from Bemidji will you travel to do a wedding or a party?   Anywhere in the world.  Some extra charges may apply!  Usually there is no extra charge for anything in a 50 mile radius of Bemidji.

  • Are your rates on the high or low side?    We aren't the cheapest, but we are far from the most expensive. 

  • Do I have to supply anything for the DJ?  Yes. electrical outlets near where the DJ will be set up.  If it is an outdoor event, you must supply a covered area to protect the DJ and equipment from sun and rain.  Also, be sure and allow enough room for the Disc Jockey to set up.

  • How early do you arrive to set up?  A minimum of 2 hours before the event starts.  Because of our lights, our set-up takes a little longer. Often we set up earlier in the day, but always before any guests arrive.

  • Do you take requests? Yes.  Everything is computerized, so finding a song can be done quickly. 

  • Do you spend time preparing in advance? Yes, anything that can be prepared in advance is.  A good DJ usually spends 10-20 hours for each event.

  • Can you be the master of ceremonies?  Yes.  This is actually one of the main functions of a disc jockey at a party or a reception.  A master of ceremonies is a conductor of your event, whether it be a formal or informal occasion, acting as a host and introducing guests and events. At a wedding reception the DJ usually announces events such as the bouquet toss, dollar dance, garter toss, cake cutting ceremony, etc. and keeps the event moving. It's become very common for the DJ to introduce the wedding party as they arrive at the reception.

  • What is the process for booking you for our event?  All it takes is a phone call or an email. You will be sent a simple written agreement.  Sign one copy and return the other with the small retainer (or full payment if you wish).  When you receive the written agreement in the mail, you will also get an event or wedding planner.  Fill this out and send it back about a month before your event.  When you book your venue, make sure you tell them that you are having a DJ.  We will follow up with you a few weeks before your event.

or call 218-368-3687.